Episode 1: What to read after Harry Potter?

August 1, 2021

In episode 001 of Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

What to read after Harry Potter?


What to read after Harry Potter: Allison and Megan look at how to deal with the Harry Potter hangover. Discover quick tips for reading picture books out loud, as well as how to help kids find story ideas. Plus, two authors who deal (in a beautiful, sensitive way) with big themes for middle-grade readers.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Becoming’ (younger readers edition) by Michelle Obama

‘Fozia and the Quest of Prince Zal’ by Rosanne Hawke 

‘The Katha Chest’ by Radhiah Chowdhury and Lavanya Naidu

‘The Ballad Of Melodie Rose’ by Kate Gordon (June 2021)

‘The Heartsong of Wonder Quinn’ by Kate Gordon

What to read after Harry Potter?

‘Percy Jackson’ (series)  by Rick Riordan

‘The Land of Stories’ (series) by Chris Colfer

‘Nevermoor’ by Jessica Townsend

‘The Medoran Chronicles’ (series) by Lynette Noni

‘A Most Magical Girl’ by Karen Foxlee

‘Stella Montgomery Intrigues’ (series) by Judith Rossell

‘The Hunger Games’ (series) by Suzanne Collins

‘The Key To Rondo’ (Audio CD) by Emily Rodda

Supplementing home readers

‘School of Monsters’ (series) by Sally Rippin, ill. Chris Kennet

‘Ginger Green Playdate Queen’ (series) by Kim Kane & Jon Davis

‘Billie B. Brown’ (series) by Sally Rippin

‘Hey Jack!’ (series) by Sally Rippin 

Book lists discussed

20 Tried-and-Tested Books for 13/14-Year-Old Girls by Allison Tait

Jazzy at Jazzy’s Bookshelf 

What to Read after Harry Potter   by Megan Daley (Children’s Books Daily)


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What to read after Harry Potter