Episode 103: 10 Minutes with Rebecca Lim

August 3, 2023

This episode is brought to you by ‘We Are Matildas’, written by Shelley Ware, illustrated by Serena Geddes, and published by Penguin Random House Australia. Purchase here

In episode 103 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

10 Minutes with Rebecca Lim

Allison interviews award-winning author Rebecca Lim chatting about her role in the Imagining The Future project plus her brand-new novel, co-authored with Kate Gordon. Plus, Megan talks about the loud and the quiet of literary festivals (and why we need both), and Allison has a tip for helping kids develop imagination and creativity.

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‘How do You Say Hello’ by Ashleigh Barton. Illustrated by Martina Heiduczek

‘Ming and Hilde Lead a Revolution’ by Jackie French

‘Backyard Footy’ by Carl Merrison, illustrated by Samantha Campbell

‘The Fix-it Princess’ by Janeen Brian, illustrations by Cherie Dignam


Write with Allison Tait group

10 Minutes with Rebecca Lim

Rebecca Lim is an Australian writer, illustrator, editor and lawyer. She is the author of over twenty books, including The Astrologer’s Daughter (a Kirkus Best Book of 2015 and CBCA Notable Book for Older Readers) and the bestselling Mercy series. In the Your Kid’s Next Read community she’s probably best-known for her middle-grade novel Tiger Daughter. In this ’10 Minutes with…’ Allison Tait has  a chat about her story ‘Semper’ in the wonderful Callisto Cycle, part of the Imagining The Future fiction program, and her recently released novel, ‘The Letterbox Tree’, co-authored with Kate Gordon.

‘The one good thing about Semper, Shang thought, was that it didn’t drool like Earth dogs did.’

Rebecca Lim, ‘Semper’

Imagining The Future

The Imagining the Future fiction program imagines our future…among the stars, with the help of leading Australian writers Lili Wilkinson, Rebecca Lim, Gary Lonesborough, Melissa Keil and Alison Evans. This collection of five interlinked short stories explores different sectors of STEM in the context of space exploration. Each story follows a different character’s journey through the challenges and triumphs of life off-world. From robotics and AI to climate change and resource management, these stories will take your students on a journey through the exciting world of space exploration. With vivid characters and engaging plotlines, these stories will inspire young people to imagine their own STEM careers and become the next generation of space explorers. So, get ready to blast off into the exciting world of space exploration with The Callistan Cycle.

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‘How to Get Kids Creating (not consuming) by Allison Tait

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