Episode 128: Screen-free Fun

November 8, 2023

In episode 128 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Screen-Free Fun

Why is screen-free time so important – and how can books help kids make the most of it? Megan and Allison discuss screen-free activities books, plus tricking kids into reading and making the most of mini whiteboards.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Miss Penny Dreadful and The Mermaid’s Locks’ by Allison Rushby

‘The Christmas Wish’ (The Wish Sisters #5) by Allison Rushby

‘Getting to Know the Birds in your Neighbourhood: a field guide’ by Darryl Jones 

‘Secrets of the Saltmarsh’ by Claire Saxby. Illustrated by Alicia Rogerson

‘In Times of Bushfires and Billy Buttons’ by Steven Herrick (Teachers’ notes are here)

‘Kaldoras’ by Lynette Noni

‘Big World, Tiny World: Bush’ by Jess Racklyeft



Bookish Gifts for Kids and Teens

The Best Children’s Book Series You’ve Never Read (underrated book series as nominated by YKNR members)


Screen-Free Fun

The Ultimate Reading Challenge for Kids

Magic journal

‘My Fairy Library’  by Daniela Jaglenka

‘My Miniature Library’ by Daniela Jaglenka

‘Your Wild Journal’ by Brooke Davis

‘Rewilding Kids Australia’ by Melissa Mylchreest

 ‘The Australia Survival Guide’ by George Ivanoff 

 ‘National Geographic Camping and Outdoor Family Activity Guide’  by Catherine Proctor

 ‘The Knot Book’ by Geoffrey Budworth  

 ‘50 Things to do With a Pen Knife’ by Matt Collins  

Bush Tukka Guide by Samantha Martin

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Quick tips

How John Steinbeck tricked his kids into reading

Megan is deeply embracing the use of the mini whiteboard in the library, examples below.



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