Episode 130: Books full of magic

November 22, 2023

In episode 130 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Books full of magic


Books with magic, magicians, spells, wizards, witches, fairies… Megan and Allison dive deep into books for all ages that feature magic. Plus, how do readers grow into writers, and where to bid on amazing original artworks by children’s book illustrators.


Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile


Sofia the Lagoon Dragonby Maddy Mara (#12 in the Dragon Girls series, find book #1 here)

 ‘Trapped’ (#2 The Deadlands)’ by Skye Melki-Wegner 

Hunted’ (#1 The Deadlands)by Skye Melki-Wegner

‘Survival’ (#3 The Deadlands) by Skye Melki-Wegner

Stand up Ferran Burkeby Steven Camden 

‘Ayla’s Christmas Wish’ by Pamela Jones and Lucia Masciullo

‘The Starting School List’ by Kitty Black and Cate James



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Books full of magic


Picture Books

The Mermaid Moon by Briony May Smith 

Bush Magic by Kylie Howarth

Possum Magic by Mem Fox 

Magic Beach by Allison Lester 

Backyard Magic by Wenda Shurety and Harriet Hobday (also published as ‘Nature’s Toy Box’)

The Magic Flute (The Story Orchestra) by Katy Flint and Jessica Courtney-Tickle

The Magic Bookshop by Natalie Jane Prior and Cheryl Orsini

The Magic Hat by Mem Fox 

Enigma: A Magical Mystery by Graeme Base 

Ellie’s Dragon by Bob Graham


Junior Fiction

The Wish Sisters (series) by Allison Rushby (ill Karen Blair)

The Magic of Magnolia Moon by Edwina Wyatt (ill Katherine Quinn)

The Magic Finger by Roald Dahl 

Starfriends: Mirror Magic (series) by Linda Chapman  

Polly and Buster (series) (in particular ‘The mystery of the magic stones’)  by Sally Rippin 

Keeper of the Crystals (series) by Jess Black 

Pepper Masalah (series) by Rosanne Hawke (ill Jasmine Berry)

Aziza’s Secret Fairy Door (series) by Lola Morayo (ill Cory Reid)


Middle Grade

Big Magic (series) by Sarah Armstrong (Interview in episode 112)

Nevermoor (series) by Jessica Townsend

The Book of Wondrous Possibilities by Deborah Abela

The Wintrish Girl by Melanie La’Brooy (Interview in episode 57)

Hedgewitch by Skye McKenna

Dusty in the Outwilds by Rhiannon Williams

The Booksellers Apprentice by Amelia Mellor

Amari and the Night Brothers by B. B. Alston

Wednesday Weeks (series) by Cristy Burne and Denis Knight 

Spellhound: A Dragon Of Hallows book by Lian Tanner 

The Shop At Hooper’s Bend by Emily Rodda 

A Most Magical Girl by Karen Foxlee

Kingdoms and Empires (series) by Jacqueline Moriarty (ill Kelly Canby)

Starfell (series): Willow Moss and the magic thief by Dominique Valente (ill Sarah Warburton)

Mayhem at magic school : You choose … by George Ivanoff

The Magic Gems (series) by Xavier Bonet 

The Harry Potter Wizarding Almanac



The Secret Science of Magic by Melissa Keil 


Non Fiction

Science is Magic by Steve Mould

Lonely Planet Wild Things: 100 Magical Outdoor Adventures by Jo Schofield and Fiona Danks 

Everyday Magic for Kids by Justin Flom

Real Magic Tips, Tricks, TikTok and Totally Good Vibes by Ash Magic 


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