Episode 138: Behind The Books #5 (Agent)

January 8, 2024

In episode 138 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Behind The Books #5: Meet The Literary Agent

 In this special summer mini-series, Allison takes you behind the books and behind the scenes of the Australian children’s publishing world.

In this episode, she chats to literary agent Annabel Barker about how she chooses the works she’ll champion on their path to publication.

About Annabel Barker


Annabel BarkerAnnabel Barker is a literary agent who represents writers and illustrators who create books for children and young adults.

Annabel worked in children’s publishing for 20 years, in-house for publishers in London and Melbourne, before founding her agency in 2020.

It is her favourite thing to see Australian writers and illustrators published across the world.

More about Annabel Barker 

More about Annabel Barker Agency


Annabel’s recommendations

This Camp is Doomed by Anna Zobel


The First Summer of Callie McGee by A. L. Tait

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The Beehive by Megan Daley and Max Hamilton

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Your Kid's Next Read Behind The Books Agent: what does an agent do