Episode 145: 10 minutes with Gabriel Bergmoser

February 21, 2024

In episode 145 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

10 minutes with Gabriel Bergmoser

Allison chats with Gabriel Bergmoser about his first middle-grade novel ‘Andromache Between Worlds’, writing great dialogue and handling scene-stealing characters. Plus, Megan discusses the DANZ Children’s Book Award shortlist and Allison is raving about a new middle-grade title.

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‘Esme in the Limelight’ by Kate Gordon

Aster’s Good Right Things by Kate Gordon

‘Indigo in the Storm’ by Kate Gordon

 ‘Xavier in the Meantime’ by Kate Gordon

‘Tayta’s Secret Ingredient’ by Amal Abu-Eid. Illustrated by Cara King

‘Caroline’ by Mark Wilson

‘Leo and Ralph’ by Peter Carnavas

11 Ruby Road: 1900 by Charlotte Barkla


Monsieur Truffle Chocolate

The Beehive‘ launch at Gleebooks, Sydney, Sunday 25 February

Book launch: 11 Ruby Road by Charlotte Barkla, hosted by Megan Daley, Thursday 14 March

10 minutes with Gabriel Bergmoser

Interview with Gabriel BergmoserGabriel Bergmoser is a Melbourne-based author and playwright. He writes crime novels for adults and his first YA novel ‘The True Colour Of A Little White Lie’  was published in 2021 and is currently in development as a feature film.

Andromache Between Worlds‘ is his first middle-grade novel.

Find out more about Gabriel here.


Andromache Between Worlds by Gabriel BergmoserAll fourteen-year-old Andromache Peters wants is a normal life. But normal is pretty near impossible when your parents were famous adventurers who saved the world and nobody will let you forget it.

On top of this, Andromache’s father has been missing and presumed dead since she was only two, and her mother has retreated into grief ever since. So it’s no surprise that the last thing Andromache needs is to be reminded of where she came from.

But when a mysterious stranger reveals that Andromache’s father is not only still alive but trapped in a parallel world, Andromache is thrown into a daring journey across other universes to find and save the father she never knew.

A journey so strange and dangerous that it will forever transform Andromache’s life to anything but normal.

Find out more.


Gabriel’s Recommended Read

Animorphs: The Graphic Novel (series), adapted by Chris Grine from the novels by K. A. Applegate and Michael Grant


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The DANZ Children’s Book Award shortlist 

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The Mapmaker Chronicles series by A. L. Tait

The Ateban Cipher (duology) by A. L. Tait

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The Beehive by Megan Daley

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Interview with Gabriel Bergmoser