Episode 151: 10 minutes with Kate and Jol Temple

April 3, 2024


In episode 151 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:


10 minutes with Kate and Jol Temple

Allison interviews dynamic writing duo Kate and Jol Temple about their brand-new junior graphic novel series FROG SQUAD, as well as writing together, great school talks and more. Plus, Megan has new audio book tips.



Love, Death and Other Scenes by Nova Weetman



Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘The Endfixer’ by Noemi Vola. Translated by Rosa Churcher Clarke 

‘Mayarda (Pelicans)’ by Patricia Cox. Illustrated by Delphine Shandley. 

Kurrartuwarnti (Brolgas)’ by June Nixon 

‘Manyi Ngany-jaali (Bush Tomatoes)’ by Delphine Shandley 

Mums and Mogs by Mick Elliott

Finding Bear by Hannah Gold, illustrated by Levi Pinfold


10 minutes with Kate and Jol Temple

Interview with Kate and Jol Temple.Together Kate and Jol Temple have written over 30 books for kids from the best selling Bin Chicken series to junior fiction series The Underdogs, and the newly CBCA shortlisted picture book ‘That Bird Has Arms’.

Kate has also written two middle-grade novels about Time Keeper Trilby Moffat.

They are definitely back together for their brand-new junior graphic novel series Frog Squad, and we had a chat  about the first book, Dessert Disaster.

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Frog Squad Dessert Disaster Frog Squad: Dessert Disaster by Kate and Jol Temple, illustrated by Shiloh Gordon

Step into a top-secret world where frogs don’t just eat flies, they eat danger! This is FROG SQUAD!

Frog Squad comes to the rescue of a mega tanker in distress — and it’s full of ice-cream! Will these brave rescue frogs be fast enough to stop Professor Cain and The Organisation of Amphibious Devious Scoundrels (TOADS) from controlling the global supply of ice-cream?

Streaming now on Frogflix!



Kate and Jol’s book recommendations

The Worst Week Ever (series) by Eva Amores and Matt Cosgrove 

David Conley ‘That Book’ graphic novel series:

That Book About Egyptian Mythology

That Book About Space Stuff

That Book About Norse Mythology

That Activity Book About Greek Mythology


Our books

The Mapmaker Chronicles series by A. L. Tait

The Ateban Cipher (duology) by A. L. Tait

The Maven & Reeve Mysteries by A. L. Tait

The First Summer of Callie McGee by A. L. Tait

The Beehive by Megan Daley

Teacher, Teacher (anthology), edited by Megan Daley

Raising Readers by Megan Daley


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Interview with Kate and Jol Temple