Episode 165: NAIDOC: Keep the fire burning

July 10, 2024

In episode 165 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:


NAIDOC: Keep the fire burning

Megan has terrific tips for celebrating National NAIDOC Week and recommends some fabulous new and recent books by First Nations creators for kids of all ages for your collection. Plus, Allison has low-maintenance costume ideas for CBCA Book Week.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Always Was, Always Will Be’ by Aunty Fay Muir and Sue Lawson

‘The Little Street Library’ by Amy Adeney. Illustrated by Erin McClean 

The Very Polite Knight by Ian Smith

Boy vs Beast by Mac Park



National NAIDOC Week

The 2024 National NAIDOC Week is 7th-14th July 2024

Theme is Keep the Fire Burning! Blak, Loud and Proud.

Official NAIDOC website

Education Resources for NAIDOC WEEK 

Graduate Certificate in Indigenous Education 


Below is a 2023/2024 list of recommended books.

Also see, Episode 11: Must-read Books By First Nations Creators

Children’s Books Daily: Books by First Nations Authors and Illustrators for Children to Teens 2023


Picture books

‘Yanga Mother’ by Cheryl Leavy. Illustrated by Christopher Bassi 

‘Ask Aunty: Seasons: An Introduction to First Nations Seasons’ by Munya Andrews. Illustrated by Charmaine Ledden-Lewis 

‘Giinagay Gaagal, Hello Ocean’ by Melissa Greenwood

‘Walk With Us: Welcome To Our Country’ by Adam Goodes and Ellie Laing. Illustrated by David Hardy 

‘Our Mob’ by Jacinta Daniher and Taylor Hampton. Illustrated by Seantelle Walsh

‘Circles of Life’ by Gregg Dreise

‘Super Snake’ by Gregg Dreise

The Land Recalls You’ by Kirli Saunders. Illustrated by David Cragg and Noni Cragg

‘Afloat’ by Kirli Saunders. Illustrated by Freya Blackwood (October 2024)

‘Penguin Oh Penguin’ by Gladys Milroy and Helen Milroy 

‘Beware the Argula!’ by Kirsty Burgu

‘We All Sleep’ by Ezekiel Kwaymullina and Sally Morgan

‘I Can Count’ by Sally Morgan. Illustrated by Jingalu

‘Our Flag, Our Story: The Torres Strait Islander Flag’ by Bernard Namok Jnr and Thomas Mayo. Illustrated by Tori-Jay Mordey

‘Big, Big Love’ by Lisa Fuller. Illustrated by Samantha Campbell

‘Little J and Big Cuz: Right Under Your Nose’ by Dot West and Tony Thorne

‘Nedingar: Ancestors’ by Isobel Bevis. Illustrated by Leanne Zilm

‘For 60,000 Years’ by Marlee Silva and Rhys Paddick

‘Our Home, Our Heartbeat’ by Adam Briggs, illustrated by Kate Moon and Rachael Sarra. 

 ‘Took The Children Away’ by Archie Roach, illustrated by Ruby Hunter.  Archie Roach reading ‘Took The Children Away’. 

‘Come Together: Things every Aussie kid should know about the First Peoples’ by Isaiah Firebrace. Illustrated by Jaelyn Biumaiwai

‘Walking the Rock Country in Kakadu  Karrire kundenge karribolknan kunwarddehwardde’ by Diane Lucas and Ben Tyler, illustrated by Emma Long


Junior and middle-grade fiction

‘Yonga and Waitch’  by Alton Walley. Illustrated by Alton and John Walley

‘Norn and Kaarda’ by Alton Walley. Illustrated by Alton and John Walley

‘The Dolphin and the Spearfisher’ by Alton Walley. Illustrated by Alton and John Walley

‘Uncle XBox’ by Jared Thomas

‘Wongutha Tales’ by May L. O’Brien

‘Dirrarn’ by Carl Merrison and  Hakea Hustler

‘Guardians: Wylah the Koorie Warrior 1’ (series) by Jordan Gould and Richard Pritchard



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