Episode 19: Puberty books for tweens

March 19, 2023

In episode 19 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Puberty books for tweens

From birds and bees to changing bodies, Allison Tait and Megan Daley recommend puberty books for tweens – and the adults in their lives. Plus, Megan looks at how to include a makerspace in school libraries and Allison encourages kids to write what they don’t know (yet).

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Deltora Quest: 21st Anniversary Edition’ by Emily Rodda (middle – upper primary)

‘Cranky Chicken’ by Katherine Battersby (lower – middle primary)

‘My Beautiful Voice’ by Joseph Coelho. Illustrated by Allison Colpoys (early childhood, lower primary)

‘Lola Out Loud’ by Shannan and Tayla Stedman (middle  – upper primary)

‘Kid President Totally Rules’ by Jack Heath. Illustrated by Max Rambaldi. (middle primary)

‘Who’s a Goose?’ By Scott Stuart (early childhood, lower primary)

Puberty Books for tweens (and adults)

‘The Amazing True Story of How Babies Are Made’ for a totally no nonsense look at bodies and reproduction. It’s like an updated version of ‘Where Did I Come From’ and Megan’s full review is here.


For parents
‘Everyday Resilience’ by Michelle Mitchell

‘A Girl’s Guide to Puberty’ by Michelle Mitchell

 ‘A Guy’s  Guide to Puberty’ by Michelle Mitchell

‘Ten-Ager’ by Madonna King


For Tweens and Teens

‘The Puberty Book’ by Kelsey Powell

‘The S Word’ by James Roy

 ‘Girl Stuff For Girls Aged 8-12’ by Kaz Cooke

‘Girl Stuff For Girls 13+’by Kaz Cooke

‘Welcome To Your Period’ by Yumi Stynes

‘Welcome To Consent’ by Yumi Stynes

Quick tips

Write What You Don’t Know (Yet) by Allison Tait

Libraries and makerspaces: sharing article on Jackie Child in the latest ACCESS journal and how we included a makerspace in our library and why. Libraries and makerspaces go together because they are both places of wondering, researching and skill building.


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Puberty books for tweens