Episode 2: Books for 7 year olds

September 2, 2021

In episode 002 of Your Kid’s Next Read podcast: 

Books for 7 year olds

Books for 7-year-old readers are in hot demand – find out why, and why 14-year-old boys are so hard to engage.  Quick tips to help young writers to edit their stories, and ways to develop your kid’s visual literacy. Plus, why we love Wendy Orr and Megan’s favourite new picture book. 

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Cuckoo’s Flight’ by Wendy Orr

‘Nim’s Island’ (series) by Wendy Orr

‘The Dragonfly Song’ by Wendy Orr

‘Swallow’s Dance’ by Wendy

‘Off The Map’ by Scot Gardner

‘Changing Gear’ by Scot Gardner

‘The Road to Winter’ by Mark Smith

‘Fish Kid’ (series) by Kylie Howarth

‘Billie and the Blue Bike’ by Ambelin Kwaymullina

‘My Place’ by Sally Morgan (for younger readers)

Books for seven year olds

‘Monty’s Island’ (series) by Emily Rodda 

‘Naughty Dragons’ (series) by Natalie Jane Prior

‘Sherlock Bones’ (series) by Renee Treml

‘What Zola Did’ (series) by Melina Marchetta 

‘Nature Storybooks’ (series) by Walker Books 

‘Explore Your World’ (series) by Tim Flannery 

‘The Secrets of Magnolia Moon’ by Edwina Wyatt 

‘Violet Mackerel’ (series) by Anna Branford 

‘Aussie Kids’ (series) by various authors

‘The Besties’ (series) by Felice Arena 

‘Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush’ (series) by Zanni Louise 

‘The Adventures of Anders’ by Gregory Mackay

Historical fiction

‘The Turnkey’ by Allison Rushby

‘Tarin of the Mammoths’ (series) by Jo Sandhu

‘Sweet Adversity’ by Sheryl Gwyther

‘The Skylarks’ War’ by Hilary McKay

‘Once’ (‘The Felix & Zelda series) by Morris Gleitzman

‘52 Mondays’ by Anna Ciddor

Book lists

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Reading Diverse Time Periods by Allison Rushby for Children’s Books Daily

20 Novels for Tweens who like History on BabyMac

Kids and editing 

Creative Writing Quest for Kids by Allison Tait for the Writers Centre 

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