Episode 25: Christmas Special

March 25, 2023

In episode 25 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Christmas Special

Books about Christmas, from brand-new must-haves to old favourites for all ages. Plus, Megan has tips for creating a book Advent Calendar and Allison has some great gift ideas for young writers. 

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Books we mention

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Books about Christmas

‘Fire Truck Santa’ by Nic McPickle. Illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom.

‘Santa Loves Australia’ by Collette Dinnigan. Illustrated by Luke Sciberras

‘Little Bilby’s Aussie Bush Christmas’ by Yvonne Mes. Illustrated by Jody Pratt

‘Where’s Wally? Santa Spotlight Search’ by Martin Handford

‘Twas the Night Before Christmas’ by Clement Moore. Illustrated by Raquel Martin

‘An Aussie Christmas Gum Tree’ by Jackie Hosking. Illustrated by Nathaniel Eckstrom

‘Christmas Wonder’ by Vikki Conley and Cheryl Orsini  (currently out of print)

‘Sarah’s Two Nativities’ by Janine Fraser and Helene Maggison

‘The First Christmas’ illustrated by Jess Racklyeft

The Crayons Christmas’ by Drew Daywalt. Illustrated by Oliver Jeffers.

‘Christmas at Hogwarts’

‘That Christmas Feeling’ by Lili Wilkinson. Illustrated by  Amanda Francey

‘What Do You Wish For’ by Jane Godwin. Illustrated by Anna Walker

‘Mr Darcy and the Christmas Pudding’ by Alex Field. Illustrated by Peter Carnavas

‘Great Joy’ by Kate Di Camillo. Illustrated by Bagram Ibatoulline

‘Tea and Sugar Christmas’ by Jane Jolly. Illustrated by Robert Ingpen

‘The Christmas Caravan’ by Jennifer Beck. Illustrated by Robyn Belton

‘All I Want for Christmas is Rain’ by Cori Brooke. Illustrated by Megan Forward

‘What Do You Do To Celebrate’ by Ashleigh Barton. Illustrated by Martina Heiduczek

Quick tips

Allison talked about gift suggestions for young writers:

12 writing books for teen writers by Allison Tait

Write the World notebooks 

“The premise behind Write the World notebooks is simple. We produce gorgeous notebooks and sell them to raise money to tackle issues around global poverty.”

Book Geek for notebooks, pencils and a range of writerly goodness. 

Blurb for publishing the work of your young writers.

Megan talked about creating a Christmas Book Advent tree.

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Books about Christmas