Episode 32: Screen Free Summer

April 2, 2023

In episode 032 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Screen Free Summer

With the long, lazy days of summer looming, the last thing we want is for our kids to spend them face-first in a screen. Megan and Allison have some great ideas for books and activities to get kids off screens – including a book for parents and caregivers full of ideas and practical advice. Plus, two hands-on ways to keep kids engaged with writing. 

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Ginger Green’s Big Book of Friendship’ (8 stories in 1) Playdate Queen’ by Kim Kane. Illustrated by Jon Davis 

‘The Odds: Run, Odds, Run’ by Matt Stanton 

‘This is Australia Picture Atlas’ by Samone Amba. Illustrated by Kasey Rainbow 

‘Pearly and Pig And the Great Hairy Beast’ by Sue Whiting (March 2022) 

Bingo Question

Books for crafting at home by Megan Daley

Books for gardening at home by Megan Daley

‘My Fairy Library’  by Daniela Jaglenka

‘My Miniature Library’ by Daniela Jaglenka

‘Your Wild Journal’ 

‘Easy Riders, Raging Bulls’ by Peter Biskind 

‘The Barefoot Investor’ by Scott Pape

‘Screen Freedom’ by Bronwyn Mandile

Quick tips

Megan is runningSnail Mail Letter Writing workshops, if you’d like to recreate this idea at home, here is a bit of an outline.

I’m using largely recycled materials – old magazine, wrapping papers, things from Reverse Garbage, things donated from friends who no longer scrapbook. 

Step One: writing a list of WHO you’d like to write to in the holidays – think friends, family, overseas, penpals. The list becomes like a list of goals but more child friendly and fun!

Step Two: think about forms of letter writing and provide some options in form of cards, postcards and letters as well as a really simple template for writing a letter – proving a template removes some of the barriers for new writers and allows more brain space to just be creative – this isn’t school. 

Step Three: create your kit!


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