Episode 33: Getting Ready for School

April 3, 2023

In episode 33 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Getting Ready for School

Getting ready for school: Megan and Allison are looking forward with the first in a series about setting kids up for success when starting primary or high school. This episode plants the seed with ideas for introducing that big first day in a gentle way. Plus, Megan has tips for mindful reading and Allison has a great exercise for young writers.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘The Big Book for Curious Kids’  by Affirm Press

‘The Book That Did Not Want to be Read’ by David Sundin 

‘The Boy and the Elephant’ by Freya Blackwood. Teachers’ Notes for ‘The Boy and the Elephant’ are here.  

Bingo Question

‘Reading Ready’ webinar by Megan Daley

‘Starting School’ by Jane Godwin (review, teachers’ notes and purchase)

‘School of Monsters’ by Sally Rippin (review and purchase)

‘Books and *All the Things* for Back to School’ by Megan Daley

Quick tips

Allison gave us tips on writing from different points of view – you can find more of her writing tips for kids here.

Megan talked about the practice of mindfulness and you can find her favourite books and resoures for mindfulness here.

From chapter 12 of her book ‘Raising Readers’:

… the practice of being mindful, or present, as we read is a skill to encourage; we might call this deep reading, slow reading or mindful reading. Mindful reading is not skimming and scanning a text, highlighting and adding notes or reading while multi-tasking or becoming sidetracked by social media or your to-do list. Rather, reading mindfully requires the ability to be in the present moment, just you and the book, aware but without judgment of all that is occurring around you and inside you. Reading mindfully can also be a time of calm in a busy day or an oasis in a turbulent time.”


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