Episode 37: Books About Consent

April 7, 2023

In episode 37 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Books About Consent

Talking to kids about consent is essential – but when do you have the chat? In this episode, Megan and Allison look at books about consent for kids of all ages, from picture books to teen reads. Plus, Allison shares insights from 16 top Australian children’s authors about what they wish they’d known when they began their writing careers – and Megan chimes in with three things she wish everyone knew about being a teacher-librarian. 


Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘What Snail Knows’ by Kathryn Apel (verse novel for readers 7+)

‘Rock Star Detectives’ by Adam Hills (middle primary)

‘The Wearing of The Green’ by Claire Saxby (upper primary, lower secondary)

‘Interned’ by Pamela Rushby (upper primary, lower secondary)

‘Moth in a Fancy Cardigan’ by Charlotte Lance. Illustrated by David Booth. (lower primary)

‘Forest’ by Jess Racklyeft (early childhood, lower – middle primary) 

‘Your School is the Best’ by Maggie Hutchings. Illustrated byFelicita Sala (lower primary) 


Bingo Question

In episode 19 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast we talked ‘books about puberty’ and mentioned some books which deal with consent.

This regularly updated blog post on books for tweens and teens on Children’s Books Daily has a mix of books for an older age range.

7 Books About Consent for Kids Under 10 by Charlotte Barkla on www.allisontait.com


Further Books on Consent (check age range)

‘How to Say Hello’ by Sophie Beer  (early childhood)

‘Little Big Chats’ by Jayneen Sanders (lower – middle primary)

‘From My Head to My Toes, I Say What Goes’ by Charlotte Barkla. Illustrated by Jacqui Lee (early childhood, lower primary)

‘My Body! What I Say Goes’ by Jayneen Sanders. Illustrated by Anna Hancock. Also an Indigenous edition (early childhood, lower primary)

‘Let’s Talk About Body Boundaries, Consent and Respect’ by Jayneen Sanders. Illustrated by Sarah Jennings (lower – upper primary audience)

Consent for Kids (Boundaries, Respect, and Being in charge of you) by Rachel Brian (lower – upper primary audience)

‘Welcome to Consent’ by Yumi Stynes & Dr Melissa Kang (young adult audience) 

‘Respect: Everything a Guy Needs to Know About Sex, Love and Consent’ by Inti Chavez Perez (mature content – young adult audience) 

 ‘Body Safe Education’ by  Jayneen Sanders (adults) 


Quick tips

For authors – The One Thing I Wish I’d Known When I Started by Allison Tait. 

Words and Nerd Podcast – Allison Tait and Andrew Daddo on creativity and change.

Five Things Your Teacher Librarian Wants You To Know by Lana Hallows.

Megan’s speech (about teacher librarianship) when she received the National Dromkeen Librarians award. 

Standardised Testing and the Role of the Teacher Librarian by Megan Daley.

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