Episode 39: Books About Families

April 9, 2023

In episode 39 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Books About Families 

Kids love books about families. This week, Megan and Allison are looking at books that show families in all of their diverse and interesting forms – plus why family tends to move into the background of books for older kids. Plus, Allison explores the question of whether Australian teens are reading YA novels by Australian authors, and Megan has tips for organising library displays.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Rebel Skies’ by Ann Sei Lin (YA)

‘Nura and the Immortal Palace’ by M. T. Khan (middle grade)

‘The Ghost Locket’ by Allison Rushby (middle grade)

‘That Cat’ by Jacqueline Harvey. Illustrated by Kate Isobel Scott (early childhood)

‘Ollie and Bea: Bats What Friends are For’ by Renee Treml (early childhood, library primary)

‘Advance Australia Fair’ Peter Dodds. Illustrated by Tony Flowers  (primary school).

Interview with Tony Flowers about ‘Advance Australia Fair’ here. 

Bingo Question

‘Family Tree’ Josh Pyke. Illustrated by Ronojoy Ghosh (National Simultaneous Storytime 2022 Selection)

‘Family is Like a Cake’ by Shona Innes. Illustrated by Írisz Agócs (family diversity, changing families)

‘Isla’s Family Tree’ by Katrina McKelvey. Illustrated by Prue Pittock (explores familial change, family diversity, adoption, same-sex relationships)

‘Love Makes a Family’ by Sophie Beer

‘The Family Book’ by Todd Parr (diversity of families)

‘Family Forest’ by Kim Kane. Illustrated by Lucia Mascuillo (diversity of families)

 ‘Our Family Pledge’ by Emmaline Carroll Southwell. Illustrated by Vivien Minekar (diversity, family values)

‘An ABC of Families’ by Abbey Williams. Illustrated by Paulina Morgan (diversity)

‘The Great Big Book of Families’ by Mary Hoffman. Illustrated by Ros Asquith   (diversity)

‘My Dad’s the Coolest’ and ‘My Mum’s the Best’ by Rosie Smith. Illustrated by Bruce Whately

‘Moonlight Mum’s’ by Laura Stitzel (busy mums!)

‘The Important Things’ by Peter Carnavas (single mother with absent father)

‘My Dad is a Dragon’ by Damon Young. Illustrated by Peter Carnavas (all types of dads)

‘My Dad Snores’ by John Williamson’s. Illustrated by Peter Carnavas (dads)

‘My Nana is a Ninja’ by Damon Young. Illustrated by Peter Carnavas (grandmothers)

‘No Kind of Superman’ by Danny Parker. Illustrated by Matt Ottley (dads and then not always getting things right but trying hard!)

‘Tom Tom’ by Rosemary Sullivan. Illustrated by Dee Huxley. Currently out of print. (indigenous community, community)

‘Poems About Families’ chosen by Brian Moses (poems on a range of diverse families)

‘A Bit of Company’ by Margaret Wild. Illustrated by Wayne Harris. Currently out of print.  (new twins in family, older brother feeling lonely, as is the elderly neighbour next door, family and found family)

‘A Quiet Girl’ by Peter Carnavas (being quiet in a loud family)

‘Paperboy: a patchwork of memories’ by Danny Parker. Illustrated by Bethany Macdonald (divorce or any kind of family change)

‘Shine’ by Danny Parker. Illustrated by Ruth de Vos (nuclear family)

‘My Mum Says the Strangest Things’ and ‘My Dad Thinks He’s Funny’ by Katrina Germein. Illustrated by Tom Jellett.

‘Let’s Get a Pup’ by Bob Graham (lovely depiction of family – veryday fameily and how a pet completes their family)

‘I’ll Always Be Older Than You’ by Jane Godwin. Illustrated by Sara Acton (sibling love)

‘What Do You Call Your Grandma’ by Ashleigh Barton. Illustrated by Martina Heiduczek (grandparents)

‘Two Nests’ by Laurence Anholt. Illustrated by Jim Coplestone (divorce/family separation)

‘My Brother Ben’ by Peter Carnavas (chapter book for ages 9+ – brothers, single parenting)

‘Aussie Kids: Meet Zoe and Zac at the Zoo’ by Belinda Murrell. Illustrated by David Hardy  (chapter book for ages 6+ – stepdad)

What Zola Did series by Melina Marchetta. Illustrated by Deb Hudson  (chapter book for ages 6+ -single mum living with grandma and cousins next door, Italian)

Quick tips

Do Australian teens read LoveOzYA books? 

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