Episode 5: Moving on from ‘funny books’

March 5, 2023

In episode 005 of Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Moving on from ‘funny books’

Is your kid stuck in a ‘funny book’ rut? Is that a problem? Megan and Allison discuss one of the big questions in kids’ reading, and look at ways to keep the ‘funny’ even as your kids get older. Megan has fallen in love with a new picture book, while Allison is planning a festival. Quick tips to help young writers steer clear of overwriting, and to create a bedtime reading habit. 

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘The Fire Star’ by A. L. Tait

‘The Mapmaker Chronicles #4: Beyond the edge of the map’ by A. L. Tait

‘Ernest the Elephant’ by Anthony Browne 

‘Before You Were Born’ by Katrina Germein and Helene Magisson 

‘Move that Mountain’ by Kate and Jol Temple and Terri Rose Baynton

Moving on from funny books

‘Mr Bambuckle’s Remarkables’ (series) by Tim Harris

‘Secrets of a Schoolyard Millionaire’ by Nat Amoore

’The Power of Positive Pranking’ by Nat Amoore

‘Unpopular Me’ by James O’Loghlin

‘Con-Nerd’ (series) by Oliver Phommavanh

‘Friday Barnes’ (series) by R A Spratt

‘Alice Miranda’ (series) by Jacqueline Harvey

‘The Ranger’s Apprentice’ (series) by John Flanagan

‘Round the Twist’ by Paul Jennings (Currently out of print. Check your local/school library)

‘The Odds’ by Matt Stanton

‘Funny Kid’ (series) by Matt Stanton

‘The Mapmaker Chronicles’ (series) by A. L. Tait

Quick tips

Kids Creative Writing Quest by Allison Tait for the Writers Centre

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Funny books for kids: how to move on