Episode 52: Creating a Home Library

April 22, 2023

In episode 52 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Creating a Home Library

Do you need hundreds of books to create a home library? Megan and Allison discuss a strategic approach to encouraging wide reading at home.

Plus, Allison has a quick tip for young writers about creating characters, and Megan shares a great idea for teacher-librarians to encourage wider borrowing.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Remarkably Ruby’ by Terri Libenson 

A Feather on a Wing’ by Maria Speyer 

‘Sherlock Bones and the Art and Science Alliance’ by Renee Treml 

‘Song of the White Ibis’ by Phillip Gwynne and Liz Anelli 

‘Bedtime Story’ by Chloe Hooper 


Book Boy had a piece published on the Wanderer website – ‘Video Hasn’t Killed the Radio Star’ 

South Coast Writers Festival 

Narelle Oliver Lecture

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Creating a home library - tips for parents