Episode 6: Should I order from school bookclub?

March 6, 2023

In episode 006 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Should I order from school bookclub?

Kids love the school bookclub catalogue, but parents often ask Megan, as a teacher-librarian, if what’s on offer is any good. She and Allison have some thoughts on this, as well as culling books from your library, caring for your classics, and building a collection. Plus, they look at tips for helping kids who love to write (and read) work within school parameters.

The Students need school libraries campaign is here.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘The Wolf’s Howl’ (A Maven & Reeve Mystery) by A. L. Tait

‘Chickensaurus’ by James Foley

‘Wednesday Weeks and the Tower Of Shadows’ by Denis Knight and Cristy Burne

‘Elsewhere Girls’ by Emily Gale and Nova Weetman

‘The Golden Tower’ by Belinda Murrell

‘Eliza Vanda’s Button Box’ by Emily Rodda

‘The Shop At Hooper’s Bend’ by Emily Rodda

‘Daisy and Bear and the Very Ordinary Day’ by Haylee Hackenberg and Bianca Pozzi

‘The Big Book of Festivals’ by Marita Bullock and Joan-Maree Hargreaves. Illustrated by Liz Rowland

Quick tips

 ‘The Very Hungry Caterpillar’ by Eric Carle

‘Puffling’ by Margaret Wild

‘Tom Tom’ by Rosemary Sullivan

‘The Ranger’s Apprentice’ (series) by John Flanagan

Other resources

Kids Creative Writing Quest by Allison Tait for the Writers Centre

The lifespan of a good book by Megan Daley (Children’s Books Daily)


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