Episode 61: Books About Sport

May 21, 2023

In episode 61 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Books About Sport

Books about sport for kids: Megan and Allison take a deep dive into books for kids who love sport. From AFL to gymnastics, tennis to soccer, boxing to cricket, there’s something for everyone.

Plus, Megan sounds an early Book Week reminder and Allison has tips for developing characters and POV for stories.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘The Book of Wondrous Possibilities’ by Deb Abela 

‘An Important Message from Mr Beaky’ by Cassie Leatham and Sue Lawson 

‘Great and Small’  by Alison McLennan and Connah Brecon

‘Ella and the Useless Day’ by Meg McKinlay and Karen Blair

’29 Things You Didn’t Know about Me’ by Solli Raphael, illustrated by Olana Janfa

‘The Very Best Doughnut’ by series editor Randa Abdel-Fattah, illustrated by writer, artist and advocate Amani Haydar

‘A Spoonful of Sadie’ by Lana Spasevski, illustrated by Joanie Stone

‘When Souls Tear’ by Karen Ginnane



Reading Group Questions for ‘The Book of Wondrous Possibilities’ 

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Teachers’ Notes for ‘Mr Beaky’ 

Teachers’ Notes for ‘Great and Small’ 


Books about sport for kids

‘Why I Love Footy’ by Michael Wagner. Illustrated by Tom Jellet (early childhood)

‘Cricket, I Just Love it!’ by Alister Nicholson. illustrated by Tom Jellet (lower primary)

‘Why I Love Summer’ by Michael Wagner. Illustrated by Tom Jellet (early childhood)

‘My Dad Loves Footy’ by Heath McKenzie (early childhood)

‘My Mum Loves Footy’ by Heath McKenzie (early childhood)

‘Little Ash series’ by Ash Barty, Jasmin McGaughey, Jade Goodwin

‘Sporty Kids’ by Felice Arena. Illustrated by Tom Jellet (lower primary)

‘Hat-Trick Teddy’ by James Tedesco. Illustrated by Heath McKenzie (lower primary)

‘Super Sporty Girls’  by Penguin Random House(lower primary)

‘Game Day’ by Patty Mills (lower primary, middle primary)

‘Diary of a Sports Star’ by Shamini Flint. Illustrated by Sally Heinrich (lower primary, middle primary)

‘Tiny Timmy’ series by Tim Cahill. Illustrated by Heath McKenzie (lower primary, middle primary)

‘Team Taekwondo’ by Master Taekwon Lee (lower primary, middle primary)

‘Maxx Rumble’  by Michael Wagner. Illustrated by Terry Denton (middle primary)

‘Gym Stars’ by Jane Lawes (middle primary)

‘Super Sports Stories for Kids’ by Patrick Loughlin (middle primary)

‘Deadly D and Justice Jones’ by Scott Prince and Dave Hartley (middle primary)

‘The Kaboom Kids: Crazy for Cricket’ by David Warner (middle primary)

‘Becoming Muhammad Ali’ by James Patterson, Kwame Alexander, Dawud Anyabwile (middle primary)

‘Netball Gems’ series by Bernadette Hellard and Lisa Gibbs (middle primary, upper primary). My interview with Hellard and Gibbs is here.

‘Born To Run’ by Cathy Freeman (middle primary, upper primary)

‘Maddy Proud: Grace on the Court’ by Maddy Proud (middle primary, upper primary)

‘The Ellyse Perry Series’ by Ellyse Perry with Sherryl Clark  (middle primary, upper primary)

‘The Royal Academy of Sport for Girls’ by Laura Sieveking (middle primary, upper primary)

‘On Track’ by Kat Apel (middle primary, upper primary). My full review is here.

‘Surf Riders Club’ by Mary Van Reyk (middle primary, upper primary)

‘Kick’ by Mitch Johnson middle primary, upper primary)

‘As Fast as I Can’ by Penny Tangey (middle primary, upper primary)

‘Our Race for Reconciliation’ by Anita Heiss middle primary, upper primary)

‘The Unstoppable Flying Flanagan’ by Felice Arena (middle grade)

‘Specky Magee’ series by Felice Arena (middle primary, upper primary, middle grade)

‘One Perfect Pirouette’ by Sherryl Clark (upper primary, middle grade)

‘Elsewhere Girls’ by Nova Weetman and Emily Gale (middle grade). Full review here 

‘The Jammer’ by Nova Weetman (ROLLER DERBY – OUT IN OCTOBER) (middle grade)

‘Victress: Women Who Paved the Way in Sport’ by Corinne Hall (middle grade, lower secondary, YA). My interview with Corinne Hall is here 

‘Hope in a Ballet Shoe’ by Michaela DePrince (middle grade, YA)

‘Worse Things’ by Sally Murphy (middle grade)

‘The F Team’ by Rawah Arja (YA)

‘Take the Shot’ by Susan White (YA)

‘Sister Secrets: Life Lessons from the Pool to the Podium’ by Cate Campbell (YA)

‘Track’ series by Jason Reynolds (YA)

‘The Crossover’ by Kwame Alexander (YA). Review here

‘Rebound’by Kwame Alexander (YA)

‘Game Changer’ by Tommy Greenwald (YA)

‘Able’ by Dylan Alcot (YA)

Quick tips

Character and Point of View by Allison Tait Book Week Costumes for Kids by Megan Daley Book Week Costumes for Adults by Megan Daley  

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