Episode 98: Books About Friendship

July 28, 2023

In episode 98 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast:

Books About Friendship

Megan and Allison take a deep dive into books about friendship for kids – and the books that become our lifelong friends. Plus, Allison has a shortcut for wide reading, and Megan shares her collection of books for tweens and teens.

Books we mention

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Bookmail and TBR pile

‘Last Man Out: a personal account of the Gallipoli Evacuation’ by Louise Park 

‘Two Dogs’ by Ian Falconer 

‘Itty Bitty Kitty #2’ by Maddy Mara. Illustrated by Noémie Geonet Landry 

‘Crookhaven: The School for Thieves’ by J. J. Arcanio


Ian Falconer tributes  from the New Yorker and the The NY Times.

Books about Friendship for kids

Early Childhood

‘The Best Hiding Place’ by Jane Godwin. Illustrated by Sylvia Morris

‘Come Over to My House’ by Eliza Hull and Sally Rippin. Illustrated by Daniel Gray-Barnett 

Lower Primary 

‘School of Monsters’ series review here.

‘Polly and Buster’ series review here.

‘Billie B Brown’ series here.

‘Coco Big City Kitty’ series review here.

 ‘Ollie and Bea’ by Renee Treml  

’29 Things You Didn’t Know about Me’ by Solli Raphael, illustrated by Olana Janfa

‘Ginger Green’s Big Book of Friendship’ (8 stories in 1) Playdate Queen’ by Kim Kane. Illustrated by Jon Davis 

‘Willa and Woof’ series by Jacqueline Harvey. Illustrated by A. Yi

‘What Zola Did’ series by Melina Marchetta. Illustrated by Deb Hudson 

‘The Besties’ series by Felice Arena. Illustrated by Tom Jellet 

Middle Grade Readers

‘The Edge of Thirteen’ by Nova Weetman

‘The F Team’ by Rawah Arja 

‘As Happy as Here’ by Jane Godwin

‘Making Friends’ by Kristina Gudsnuk

‘New Kid’ by Jerry Craft 

‘You Must Be Layla’ by Yassmin Abdel-Magied

‘Tiger Daughter’ by Rebecca Lim 

‘Specky Magee’ series by Felice Arena 

Comfort reads from Allison Rushby 

Quick tips

Books for Tweens and Teens 

In episode 19 of the Your Kid’s Next Read podcast we talked ‘books about puberty’ and mentioned some books which deal with consent.

7 Books About Consent for Kids Under 10 by Charlotte Barkla on www.allisontait.com


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